A Family of Heroines Fighting for Humanity

What could be more inspiring than three generations of women in one family, working together to make the world a better place?

Not only have we got five wonderful local women who are uniting together but, with selfless motivation and a ‘can-do’ attitude, they are working to educate and supply a life-changing product to our island neighbors to improve their quality of life and health and safety in their community.

What is this all about you ask? This is an amazing humanitarian story forged right here in Marlborough.
It all started when five women from the Moorhouse family were inspired by friends who were campaigning in
Africa to provide safe, clean, sustainable energy solutions in the poverty-stricken area’s


Here in Marlborough, we welcome serval hundred islanders into our region to work in our viticultural industry, they are solely here to provide for their families back home.

Some of these families live in extremely poor conditions in the outer islands of the pacific, with no electricity and in some cases no running water. Their only means of contact is via word of mouth or mobile phones. Some have up to a 4km trip to the mainland and this is made every day, usually by canoe, to collect drinking water and to
charge mobile phones needed for communication, especially in emergencies. They don’t have the luxury to turn on a tap for a glass of water, or to even cook in a healthy environment.

Around 95% of all families cook on open fires which to us is a novelty, but imagine this was your only means of cooking and ability to provide warmth every day, suffering from preventable health issues because they can’t afford the treatments needed or have access to the essentials of clean living like we do. That is why the Moorhouse girls are working tirelessly to provide a solution to help these communities in need, and they need your help too.


The most concerning health risk in these communities is cooking on open fires and being exposed to ‘cook smoke’. If such a sizeable mortality rate isn’t bad enough, household air pollution causes lung cancer, chronic lung disease, respiratory disease, and cataracts. Women and their children breath in the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes per day. Worldwide one person dies every eight seconds from ‘cook smoke’-related illnesses that’s roughly every time you blink your eyes. Yearly, this is roughly the same amount of people as the
population of New Zealand.

It is not just the human health impact of cooking on an open flame that is so devastating. The overdependence on fuel to power inefficient cooking leads to massive environmental degradation and binds vulnerable communities to a life of grinding poverty.


Lack of modern energy access is a huge challenge for people in the developing world, but there is a solution. With the right technology biomass cooking, fuel can be used safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Have you heard of the ACE 1 Biomass Cooker?

This is a new innovative way of using natural materials to provide essential power for clean living. Not only can this be life-changing for poverty-stricken communities, it is also a vital asset to us in New Zealand to include in our survival packs and for our outdoor needs.

Key attributes of the ACE 1 Biomass Cooker:

  • Virtually Smokeless burning
  • Prevents smoke-related illness
  • Elimination of Black Carbon emissions from cooking
  • Reduction in fuel use (around 70%)
  • Fuel cost savings (over 50%)
  • Ability to utilise solar energy
  • Charge mobile phones
  • Provide warmth
  • Cooking and sterilizing capabilities up to 1000 degrees in temperature
  • Provide relief in a disaster or emergency

ACE 1 Biomass Cooker Explained

The ACE 1 biomass energy system is designed to combat this hazardous cooking practice.

With an advanced cookstove that reduces smoke emissions to negligible levels. The ACE 1 is among the cleanest and most high-tech stoves currently available, providing clean cooking with a range of biomass fuels (fuels
sourced from organic content such as animal mater, agricultural residues, green waste, wood and wood derivatives, charcoal, briquettes and pellets.) as well as offering solar electricity for mobile phone charging and LED lighting.


Please donate what you can to help provide a cooker for families in need. They are delivered personally to each family so they can utilise the life-changing benefits of the Biomass Cooker.

At Kiwi Clean Living, they acknowledge globalisation with an open heart and an open mind. It does not need to continue to mean inequality, and that every person and every community should have equal rights to clean water, clean energy, warmth, shelter, survival technology and educational tools and supportng whom we can with what we are fortunate to have.

Their vision is also to strive to support charity organisations with an all hands on deck approach. They look forward to working with teams of like-minded individuals making our resources endless. Join them, share their work, and get involved where you can to ensure their vision continues to grow. Help them change lives.

For more information, how to donate and details on the lasts Pacific Island projects, check out www.kiwicleanliving.co.nz.

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