Clean cooking, healthy eating

7th August 2020

Today Kiwi Clean Living had the opportunity to demonstrate our ACE1 Biomass Cookstove and ZECO Bag (Zero energy Cooking Oven) to 20 women from Vanuatu.

These women are participating in a series of workshops run by Catherine Van Der Meulen of Entrepreneurial Women with purpose, focused on enabling women who are temporarily working in New Zealand through the Regional seasonal employment scheme (RSE)with education and an entrepreneurial mindset to ensure that they are returning home with vital skills to secure futures for their families.

Focus Labour Solutions have partnered with EWWP and Kiwi Clean Living as part of their pastoral care and education for their workers.

Our focus for the session was on health nutrition, growing your own seasonal food presented by Mandy Harris of Conscious Nutrition and Health while cooking on our biomass cookstove. This highlighted new ways of thinking about creating an income and how they might see themselves creating business opportunities back home in Vanuatu and their villages.

Partnering with Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose, Conscious Nutrition, and Health and Focus Labour Solutions enables the distribution of the ACE1 biomass cookstove across the Pacific Islands While highlighting the importance of education around food and nutrition.

Two women from the group were excited about the opportunity to create a purpose-filled business selling the ACE1 and the Zeco kits to their communities back in Vanuatu.

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